Foundations and spin-offs

Starting a business presents a founder with numerous challenges. In addition to the implementation of the necessary formalities, it is particularly important to set the course in terms of content. This is especially true when founding a company as a team and having to agree on a memorandum of association in which the essential framework conditions for cooperation and the corporate strategy are to be defined.

We support you in the foundation of your company by thoroughly discussing the possibilities of contract drafting, existing points of departure and content-related variants with you.

A particular focus of our consulting services is the drafting of company agreements for start-ups and spin-offs in the IT and/or deep-tech sector.

Like all companies, start-ups need access to capital. Since classic loan-based financing is out of the question for many start-ups, they are increasingly turning to investors (business angels, institutional sponsors, corporate venture capital or venture capital) – especially those start-ups which are pursuing a growth and exit strategy.

Financing is usually provided through mezzanine capital (silent partnerships or loans with a conversion option) or through an open investment, acquisition of shares and payment of a premium (Agios) to the company.

We assist in the development of the financing strategy, advise on the investment process and negotiate the contracts, in particular the investment agreements, on your behalf.

Your contacts are attorney Tilmann Lahann and attorney Philipp Weisgerber.

In addition to the corporate law requirements in the course of a new company formation, we also help you with the tax optimization of your choice of legal form. Especially in the case of exit-driven companies, a tax assessment of the choice of legal form is advisable.

We will be happy to prepare comparative tax calculations for you, in order to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of different legal forms. This includes the ongoing taxation of the company itself, as well as the personal taxation of the shareholders and the taxation in case of exit.

Your contacts are business economist Tamara Bonenberger, tax assistant Mario Ecker as well as tax consultant Markus Kleer.